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Children's chopsticksChildren's chopsticks
Children's chopsticks Sale price69,00 kr

5 colors available

Hand-woven bamboo fanHand-woven bamboo fan
Hand-woven bamboo fan Sale price85,00 kr
Sakura Copenhagen Gavekort - Sakura Copenhagen
Sakura Copenhagen Gift Card Sale priceFrom 100,00 kr
Chopstick holder - Cat and fishChopstick holder - Cat and fish
Cleaning sponge, fishCleaning sponge, fish
Cleaning sponge, fish Sale price45,00 kr

7 colors available

Matcha whisk light bambooMatcha whisk light bamboo
Matcha whisk light bamboo Sale price225,00 kr
Sweetheart Sale price89,00 kr
Matcha whisk holdersMatcha whisk holders
Matcha whisk holders Sale price195,00 kr

3 colors available

Chopstick holder: Sumo, redChopstick holder: Sumo, red
Chopstick holder: Sumo, red Sale price85,00 kr
Chopstick holder: Sakura flowerChopstick holder: Sakura flower

3 colors available

Origami paper (several varieties)Origami paper (several varieties)

4 colors available

Matcha whisk - dark bambooMatcha whisk - dark bamboo
Matcha whisk - dark bamboo Sale price225,00 kr
Chopstick holder: Sumo, greenChopstick holder: Sumo, green
Sticky notes great with sushiSticky notes great with sushi
Stickers: Japanese iconsStickers: Japanese icons
Stickers: Japanese icons Sale price45,00 kr
Stickers - cats in costume
Stickers - cats in costume Sale price45,00 kr
Sticky notes large with sub switchSticky notes large with sub switch
Japanese tapestry with green stripesJapanese tapestry with green stripes
Small Japanese stools in hinoki woodSmall Japanese stools in hinoki wood
Small Japanese stools in hinoki wood Sale priceFrom 549,00 kr
Shiba mail it
Shiba mail it Sale price45,00 kr
Chopstick holder - Cat lying on its back
Lucky Cat on pillow, whiteLucky Cat on pillow, white
Lucky Cat on pillow, white Sale price125,00 kr
Garland with koi fishGarland with koi fish
Garland with koi fish Sale price149,00 kr
Citrus press in stainless steel with bird motifCitrus press in stainless steel with bird motif