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Small Japanese stools in hinoki woodSmall Japanese stools in hinoki wood
Small Japanese stools in hinoki wood Sale priceFrom 549,00 kr
Japanese Tray L - Kristina DamJapanese Tray L - Kristina Dam
Japanese Tray L - Kristina Dam Sale price1.400,00 kr
Japanese Tray S - Kristina DamJapanese Tray S - Kristina Dam
Japanese Tray S - Kristina Dam Sale price1.000,00 kr
Japanese Tray Table M - Kristina DamJapanese Tray Table M - Kristina Dam
Japanese Tray Table S - Kristina DamJapanese Tray Table S - Kristina Dam
Outline stolOutline stol
Outline stol Sale price4.000,00 kr
Skagerak bench with hand-woven seatSkagerak bench with hand-woven seat
Skagerak Wait stoolSkagerak Wait stool
Skagerak Wait stool Sale price4.195,00 kr